5-10g Wheel Weight Narrow Stick On 100



6 In 1 Spoke Spanner

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SKU: 164-AVP

Air Valve Puller Alloy Handle


SKU: 164-SPW3

Alloy Sump Washers 10x14x1mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW4

Alloy Sump Washers 10x16x1mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW5

Alloy Sump Washers 12x18x1.5mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW7

Alloy Sump Washers 12x20x2mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW6

Alloy Sump Washers 14x22x1.5mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW1

Alloy Sump Washers 6x12x1mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-SPW2

Alloy Sump Washers 8x14x1mm 10 pack


SKU: 164-ASG1

Anti Splatter Guard for chain lube 5cm


SKU: 160-AP18

Axle Puller 18-20mm Alloy


SKU: 164-BB2

Bead Breaker With Handle


SKU: 164-BB

Bead Buddy Tyre Tool


SKU: 160-BBE1

Bolt Kit 51 Piece Euro Style


SKU: 160-BBJ1

Bolt Kit 53 Piece Japanese Style


SKU: 164-BBK

Brake Bleeder Hose Kit


SKU: 164-BBV

Brake Bleeder Kit Vacuum



Cable Adjuster YZ/WR 00-06 EACH